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Qworkbench 1.1.7

It is a collection of design environment for Qem producs.

Before install a new software make sure that you uninstall a previus version.

The installer include:

  • QView-5.1: with the last library and ready for Windows 7 and vista operative system.
  • QPaint-5.4: Graphics design environment for qmove systems.
  • QView-6.0: New design environment with powerful QCL language sintax.
  • QPaint-6.0: Graphics design environment for qmove systems programmed with Qview version 6.
  • QResourcesManager-1.3: Service to manage communication with local and remote connections.
  • Qnet SDK: Software Development Kit for communication with qmove target by API (application software interface).
  • IQ009 software driver: updated to 2.8.30 version.

License Manager utility to manage software license (used only by other software utility for example ProfileImporter) is in standalone installer.

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