QPanel+ Series

Series of Operator Terminals of the Qpanelfamily1).

Compared to the other products in the series Qpanel, the QPANELS+ are characterized by:

  • CPU RISC 32bit 200Mhz.
  • HMI with TFT colours display touch up to 12,1“ size.
  • Backup & restore the application to internal Flash memory.
  • Update the firmware and application from MMC/SD.
  • Ethernet port connection.
  • Manage the I/O on board.

The same family development environments are used to program the products of the QPANEL family QPanel (Qpaint).

1) The operator terminals of the Qpanel series were specifically designed to enable optimal management of HMI features (Human Machine Interface) in machines equipped with controllers of the QMOVE, QMOVE or Micro-Qmove series. The terminal application program uses the same mnemonic variables created in the configuration file of the machine management application and its “download” from the PC can be done using the same programming port as the controllers QMOVE, QMOVE and MicroQmove series. Another feature that sets it apart from the HMI terminals of other manufacturers is that user recipes are not contained in the HMI but in the appropriate data structures available in the CPUs of QMOVE, QMOVE and MicroQmove.
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