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For supplying you fast service, at the lowest cost, we need your support.

Follow all instructions provided in the MIMAT manualIf the problem remains, fill out the “Request Form for assistance” on the page Contacts at www.qem.it site.
Our technicians will get elements essential for the understanding of your problem.

To provide you with an efficient service, please read and adhere to the instructions given here

It is recommended to pack the instrument with materials that are able to cushion any falls.

Use the original package: it must protect the instrument during transport.Attach:
1. A description of the anomaly;
2. A part of the electric scheme where the equipment is inserted
3. The planning of the equipment (set up, quotas of job, parameters…).
4. Request a quote for repair; if not required, the cost will be calculated in the final balance.
A full description of the problem, will help identify and resolve your problems fast. A careful packaging will avoid further inconveniences.
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